NICASHOOTING.COM has been in business for nearly twenty years. The company was created to close the gap in the market for harder to find items. The owner’s were avid shooters well before the company came to fruition. After many years of selling other companies products we decided to create our own line using all of the knowledge and feedback we had been given from our customers. We took what everyone loved about each product and put them all into one amazing product. Our NICA Design5 Vest was the first product we created. Quality leather international style shooting pad with pocket for optional added protection make up the top of the vest. The split shoulder seam on the shooting side and the long waist design makes this vest perfect for any body type and allows for flawless movement while on the course. The hull pouch zippers on the bottom to make for easy emptying. We have put a lot of time and effort into our vest to ensure customer satisfaction and our reviews have been excellent. The NICA Design5 Shooting Jacket was the next in our line of products. We saw a gap in the market for a quality cold weather shooting jacket and we decided to close it. We have seen many shooting jackets come and go, so we again took the best qualities of each and made a superior shooting jacket. The NICA Design5 Shooting Jacket features warm insulation with a nylon shell and lining that makes it highly water resistant. In conjunction with the rib knit collar and cuffs with the added bonus of fleece lined pockets we have thought through everything to keep that cold air out. The ambidextrous shooting pads, bi-swing back, velcro openings on the hips, and numerous well placed pockets not only make this jacket very stylish but also very performance oriented with amazing functionality. We then took it a step further to create a go to range bag. Our NICA Shooting Bag easily holds eight boxes of twelve gauge shells. With padded interior pockets and well placed functional exterior pockets we have once again combined amazing features to create the best of the best. NICASHOOTING.COM is very excited to continue to expand our line. Let us know what you want to see next!