Jackets & Fleece

NICASHOOTING.COM is proud to offer some of the best jackets and fleece clothing on the market with their line-up of Under Armour coats and jackets. Long known for the excellent athletic gear, UA is also a producer of top quality cold weather gear. With the introduction of their Storm1, Storm2 and Storm3 system, it is easy to choose the correct jacket or fleece for your outdoor pursuits. The Storm1 rating is given to Under Armour hunting jackets and fleeces made to be water resistant, for wear on a day when you may encounter moisture for short periods of time. For this rating choose from any of the Under Armour hunting hoodies and fleeces offered for men and women, or the very popular UA Specialist Storm Sweaters for men. These sweaters look great, keep out the cold and are extremely comfortable.

The Storm2 rating is meant to be both highly water-resistant and also windproof. These Under Armour hunting jackets are great for the long days spent in fall weather, when you never know what you will encounter. Many of the UA camo clothing NICASHOOTING.COM offers are in the Storm2 system. For women, check out the UA Women’s Coldgear Reactor Jacket or the Taunen Jacket.

The Storm3 rating is given to jackets that truly are waterproof and windproof. The UA Bora Jackets for both men and women are an example of Storm3 jackets. Great, lightweight but able to do the job no matter how hard it rains. Contact us for information on our Under Armour hunting hoodies, fleeces, and jackets.