Long known for high quality firearms, Beretta is also a leader in high quality outdoor clothing.  Beretta USA offers some of the best shooting clothing and accessories on the market.  Choose a waterproof shooting jacket, the Beretta Bisley Shooting Jacket, designed in Italy and brought to the USA to offer shooters the protection and comfort of a breathable waterproof shooting jacket, made especially for the clay target sports.  If you need more warmth, the Beretta Sporting Shooting Jacket is just the item.  The weather resistant jacket has a light BTP-Beretta Thermal Insulation accented with a breathable lining, the perfect cold weather shooting jacket.  Add a Beretta sweater with a wind barrier lining, and you can shoot in even the coldest weather.

Beretta offers a large selection of shooting vests for both men and women.  Their choices include the Beretta Men's M.O.L.L.E. Shooting vest, with an adjustable pocket location allowing the vest to be set up so the shell pockets are exactly in the right spot, for any shooter height.  The Beretta Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest and DT11 Shooting Vests are available in several colors in both men's and women's versions.  Both vests offer ambidextrous shooting pads, allowing both a right and left handed shooter the chance to use these top of the line shooting vests.  Beretta offers the men a few more choices with the Competition Shooting Vest and the Two-Tone Clays Vest. Most Beretta vests accept the Beretta Recoil Reduction Pad, offering added recoil protection for a long day at the range.

Compliment your Beretta jacket or vest with a high quality shooting shirt, polo or t-shirt.  Beretta brings their high quality standards to the fabrics and designs on all their clothing, including their large selection of Beretta branded caps.

Keep your favorite Beretta firearms safe and protected from bumps and bruises in transport with a top of the line gun case.  Choose from many styles, including the B1 Signature Gun Case, the HP Gun Case, the 692 Gun Case, Retriever Gun Case, Uniform Pro Gun Case and more.  Pair them with a matching range bag or shooting pouch to complete the look.  Beretta offers several designs and colors of range bags and pouches in their Uniform Pro Series as well as the Gamekeeper line of shooting accessories.

The windproof sweaters by Beretta work perfectly for waterfowl or a day afield in pursuit of the wild pheasant. NICASHOOTING offers a wide variety of upland jackets, upland vests, upland shirts and upland chaps from Beretta. Choose the durability and comfort of waxwear cloth in chaps and game bags. Dress yourself in plenty of blaze orange from headwear, shirts, vests and waterfowl jackets that meet all state requirements for visibility.