Browning Medallion Series Gun Safe-33 Standard

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Browning Medallion Series Gun Safe-M33 -Black Cherry
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That's right, free shipping* on any Browning Safe for the continental US only. Safes would be shipped directly from Browning's factory in Utah, delivered curbside* to your home. Feel free to call us at 888-333-6422 for further information.

 Now- Choose from three Ink Series Graphics. You may now customize the Browning Medallion Series safe with a choice of 12 colors, 11 graphics(or none at all), three handle colors, and three lock choices. Truly a custom safe, made just the way you want it.

 A best-selling combination of security, Fire Protection and storage features, in the size you need.
Like well designed furniture, Browning designed the M33 to be wider like a bureau instead of the more common boxy refrigerator like dimensions in other safes (26 exterior depth), allowing you to place the safe in any number of locations in your house without blocking off interior space. And given the elegant and clean stylings of the Medallion safes, the M33 fire rated safe will add style to any room instead of being a big eyesore taking up space in a corner.
Why step up to a Browning Medallion Series Safe?
  • Heavy, 10-gauge steel body
  • 1-11/16 Thick Duo Formed Door with full 10-Gauge inner plate.
  • OminBarrier® and Uni-Force™ Systems create a rugged protected locking mechanism
  • Pry-Stop Corner Bolts on the two outside corners of the door
  • ThermaBlock 1700°/110 minute fire protection rating. Exclusive to Browning ProSteel Safes, ThermaBlock features thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps that would allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise during a fire.
  • Innovative Axis Adjustable Shelving with Pistol Rack
  • Interior Electrical Outlet allows electrical accessories to be added without taking apart power cords or the charging of laptops while securely
  • LED lighting adds even more value. A sensor turns on the lights when the door is opened.
Anti-Pry Features:
  • Heavy, 10-gauge steel body
  • Uni-Force™ Systems with Anti-Pry Tabs and extension arms
  • Pry-Stop Corner Bolts on two outside corners of the door
  • 1 1/4 diameter chromed locking bolts, four sided door coverage
  • Fully reinforced integrated door frame
  • Tight tolerance door fit
  • 1 5/16 thick Duo-Formed® door
Additional Security Features:
  • Uni-Force Locking System
  • OmniBarrier Lock Protection System
  • UL® tool attack listed
  • S & G Group II lock with key lock dial and five-year limited warranty
Interior/Convenience and Appearance Features:
  • Innovative Axis Adjustable Shelving with Pistol Rack
  • Premium DPX Storage System
  • Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack with New Scope Saver
  • Two DPX Handgun Pouches
  • Five-spoke Buckmark handle
  • Elevated floor makes removing guns easier
  • Metallic Scene bonded to the safe door
  • High-gloss or rugged textured charcoal finishes
  • Interior Electrical Outlet
  • LED lighting adds even more value. A sensor turns on the lights when the door is opened.
  • Includes: 4 Standard Shelves/ 1 Pistol Shelf/ 1 Pistol Rack/ 2 High Capacity Barrel Racks
The Medallion Series safes include the DPX Storage System as the standard interior configuration.
The DPX System:
  • Scope Saver allows scoped rifles to be mounted on the door. The system protects scoped firearms from adjacent firearms.
  • Allows for long gun storage on the door.
  • Includes a system of pouches, pockets, and loops for storage of small items and handguns on the door.
  • Two Handgun Pouches to store handguns on the door back.
  • Provides completely flexible storage options to the safe owner
  • Axis Adjustable Shelving System- Browning goes to great lengths to maximize the storage capacity and versatility of their safes. The new Axis Adjustable Shelving features track-mounted shelves that move up and down, and side to side, to let you fit more in the safe.
  • Axis Steel Shelving is made from a single piece of sturdy steel.
  • The polymer coating is highly durable and designed to protect guns and valuables. It also adds a sleek appearance to the safe interior.
*Curbside Delivery- means the safe will be delivered to your home and put somewhere safe(garage) as long as it is easily accessible with a pallet dolly. The safe will not be placed in the home. We would be happy to work with you to arrange for in-home delivery. Email or call us with details of the delivery requirements.

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Game Scene Selection


Pointer Scene


Mountain Scene


Elk Scene


Mallard Scene


Mule Deer Scene


Whitetail Buck and Doe Scene


Buckmark Scene


Scroll Scene


Flush Scene


Flare Scene


Rack Scene


 Available Finishes



Midnight Two-Tone



Crimson Fade



Steel Dawn



Desert Smoke




Charcoal Metallic


Gloss Black


Black Cherry


Hunter Green Metallic



Titanium Metallic


Matte Black


Textured Charcoal


Sapphire Blue Metallic



Cubic Ft.:
Exterior Dimensions:
60" x 32" x 26"
Interior Dimensions:
54" x 26" x 17"
895 LBS.
Fire Rating:
1700F/110 minutes
Door Insulation:
2 3/8"
Body Insulation:
2 1/2"
Ceiling Insulation:
2 1/2"
Steel Thickness:
10 Gauge
Gun Capacity:
33 (13/26) +7 DPX
Shelves/H.C. Barrel Racks/Pistol Racks:
4 Shelves/ 2 High Capacity Barrel Racks/ 1 Pistol Shelf/ 1 Pistol Rack
Country of Origin:

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