Making an impact in the specialty safes market is the Browning Black Label Tactical gun safe series featuring some of the most innovative features available.  The Tactical Mark IV Browning gun safe for sale is Built in the USA and features an Axis interior that can be configured to store virtually any firearm. The exterior of the specialty safes were created for those who appreciate “black guns” as much as (or even more than) walnut and blued steel, the Black Label Browning gun safe for sale is designed to accommodate the Modern Sporting Rifle and shooting equipment more suited to a 3-gun match than the skeet range. Tactical products require unique storage solutions due to their unique dimensions and shapes. The fully customizable interior our Browning gun safes for sale, allows for the shorter black guns to be store right beside your longer rifles and shotguns. The top-mounted gear loft on a Browning gun safe for sale gives you a location to keep frequently used accessories. Adding to the “tactical” look of the safe is the S & G Electronic Lock and black chrome hardware.

If your firearm collection is even more extensive maybe a “GunSafe Room” is more to your liking. The Browning Vault Door or Security Door are designed to allow you to create an impenetrable room within your home or building to secure your valuables. Browning now offers both an in-swing and out-swing version of their popular Vault Door. The in-swing version can also be used as a “Panic Room” as it is lockable from the interior.

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