From women’s hunting jackets to women’s camo jackets to NICA’s *brand new* Design 8 Ladies Shooting Jacket, we have what women shooters are looking for. NICA, Beretta, and NOMAD all offer an option for the female shooters and female hunters in our lives. While this selection of ladies hunting jackets and ladies shooting jackets may not be large, it is packed with quality and function-oriented items at great prices.

NICA now offers a fashion forward women’s cold weather shooting jacket. We designed our own ladies cold weather shooting jacket by combining the best of the best into one performance-oriented ladies skeet shooting jacket. This stylish women’s trap shooting jacket is insulated and highly water resistant. It has multiple pockets for strategic functional use. NICA's women’s shooting coat has it all, we even added an interior cord at the waist that allows you to custom fit your ladies shooting coat.

Just like the rest of Beretta’s shooting clothing, the Beretta Women’s Daybreak Field Jacket is functional but also stylish. This women’s hunting jacket is durable, water repellent, warm, and comfortable. It features a corduroy collar, roomy front pockets with eyelets to drain water, and the shoulders are cut to give maximum freedom of movement. One of the greatest features of this women’s hunting coat is its hands free shoulder straps. If you get too warm when you are out on the hunt, you can just take this ladies hunting coat off and wear it like a backpack.

The NOMAD Women's Harvester Jacket is ideal for the mid-season hunt.  This women’s hunting coat is made of a soft, quiet 100% polyester shell bonded to a very soft, warm high-pile fleece. This ladies hunting jacket is made to be wind resistant and has a durable water-resistant finish. Add some layers under this jacket and you are set for even the late season cold weather hunt.