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At NICASHOOTING.COM we take our men’s camo clothing selection very seriously. We look for camouflage clothing for men that is functional, high quality, and performance oriented. That is why we have narrowed down the broad selection of camouflage manufacturers to include only Browning and NOMAD.

Browning has been in the men’s camouflage clothing industry for many years and they know what they are doing!  Browning has men’s camouflage hoodies, men’s camouflage t-shirts, men’s camouflage hats, and even camouflage gun cases. The Browning Tech Hoodie is a men’s camo hoodie that is featured in both a realtree edge camouflage hoodie and a realtree wave hoodie. Browning makes men’s camo hats in a variety of patterns but they have also created their own blaze orange hunting hat to keep you safe when you are out in the field.

NOMAD has made a great name for themselves in the men’s camo clothing industry because their attention to detail and quality is virtually unparalleled. NOMAD men’s camouflage clothing includes men’s camouflage tees, men’s camouflage hoodies, men’s camouflage jackets, men’s camouflage pants, men’s camouflage bibs, men’s camouflage hats, and men’s camouflage gloves. NOMAD men’s camouflage tees come in a variety of patterns and are 100% performance oriented. NOMAD men’s camo tees are made of a 2-way stretch fabric for easier movement and the back and underarms are made of a breathable mesh to keep you cool. The fabric is also moisture-wicking and scent reducing.

NOMAD offers a wide variety of men’s camouflage hunting jackets and men’s camouflage hunting pants, but the NOMAD Outdoors Harvester line is a top seller. Both the NOMAD Harvester men’s camouflage coat and the NOMAD Harvester men’s camo pants are durable, water-repellent, and wind-resistant. They also feature a high-pile fleece interior for warmth and are constructed of materials that help reduce noise so you won’t scare off your game while out on the hunt. For even more warmth while out in the field, NOMAD men’s camouflage bibs cannot be beat. The NOMAD Elevated Whitetail Scrape Bibs are some of the warmest and most durable men’s camo bibs on the market. They feature a 3-layer windproof high-pile fleece interior to block the wind but also trap heat to keep you warm when spending a long day on the hunt. These men’s camouflage hunting bibs have cargo pockets on the front and Sherpa-lined hand warmer pockets. Just like NOMAD’s Harvester line, they are constructed of fabric that helps reduce noise. To finish off their men’s camouflage line, NOMAD features men’s camo hats and men’s camo beanies, as well as men’s camo gloves. NOMAD has hunters covered, head-to-toe.

NICASHOOTING.COM carries the best of the best no matter where your hunt takes you. Cold weather camo, warm weather camo, camo base layers, or camo gloves—we have what you need to be comfortable and look sharp on your next big adventure!