NICASHOOTING.COM carries the best of the best no matter where your hunt takes you. Cold weather camo, warm weather camo, base layers or upland chaps, we have the men's hunting pants and shooting shorts you need to be comfortable and look sharp on your next big adventure! With camo pants designed by some of the top manufacturers NICASHOOTING offers a selection that is sure to outfit your next hunt. If you are looking for wind proof, water resistant men's hunting pants check out the newest additions to the camo market, NOMAD Outdoors. Designed by hunters for hunters, the NOMAD line has features you may not find elsewhere, including an arched cuff to keep boot heels from catching. They also add extra room in the thigh area to allow for more layers on those cold winter hunts. NOMAD offers the innovative Silver Z Scent Suppression System to limit your scent distribution. Under Armour is also a leader in the men's hunting pants market with their Storm Fleece Camo pants. These pants are so quiet you won’t even hear yourself while walking, climbing or sitting on the hunt. Browning’s ever popular Hell’s Canyon line of camo pants are mid-weight windproof, highly water resistant and breathable men's hunting pants that have proven themselves in the field on many successful hunts. If upland bird hunting is more your passion, NICASHOOTING features Upland chaps from Browning and Beretta. Both offer thorn and briar resistance so your chase for the gamebird of your choice is comfortable and successful.