High caliber women’s camo clothing is difficult to find. At NICASHOOTING.COM we have selected quality shooting camouflage clothing that is functional and performance-oriented but tailored to women. NOMAD does women’s camouflage clothing right and that is why they are our number one choice of camo manufacturers.

NOMAD created The Harvester Series of women’s camo clothing which includes a women's camouflage fleece jacket and women's camouflage fleece pants that are soft, warm, quiet, and durable. The woman hunter will stay comfortable in The Harvester Series in Mossy Oak Breakup Camo as well as undetected while pursuing big game. NOMAD also offers comfortable and warm beanies, flap-caps, neck gaiters, and a pair of women’s fleece camouflage gloves specifically made for a woman’s hand. All of NOMAD's camo accessories are available in Mossy Oak Breakup Camouflage so they will match The Harvester Series Mossy Oak Breakup women’s camo fleece jacket and women's camo fleece pants.

NICASHOOTING.COM also has created our own Women’s Blaze Pink Ponytail Snapback Hat for when the woman hunter is out in the field or forest and needs to keep safe but also keep her hair comfortably out of her face.

NICASHOOTING.COM also carries a Women’s Blaze Pink Hook and Loop Hat from Browning for women hunters.