At NICASHOOTING.COM we understand first-hand that it is not easy to find a ladies shooting vest. That is why we made it our mission to seek out a variety of high-quality women’s shooting vests that are functional, performance-oriented, but still stylish. We feel that Browning, Beretta, and Syren (a division of Caesar Guerini) are the manufacturers that do this best.

Syren is a top-of-the-line ladies shooting vest created by Caesar Guerini. Syren is known for specializing in superior quality women’s firearms—their attention to detail is unparalleled. You can expect that same precision in their ladies shooting vests. The Syren women’s shooting vest has a cotton and polyester mesh fabric to keep you cool on the range. The shooting pad and shell pockets are made from real suede leather which gives the vest a very classy look. The back waist band is designed to keep the weight of your shells off your shoulders to maintain fluid motion throughout the course. The Syren line is available in two different colors and comes in both a right-handed women’s shooting vest as well as a left-handed women’s shooting vest.

Browning consistently manufactures high quality women’s clay shooting vests and clay shooting accessories. The Browning Women’s Trapper Creek Shooting Vest is one of our biggest sellers. It comes in a variety of colors and the black and grey Browning Ladies Trapper Shooting Vest is available in right or left-handed. These women’s trap shooting vests are made with the most mesh possible which makes them both lightweight and breathable. They also have a pocket for the Browning Reactar G3 Recoil Pad (sold separately).  Many of Browning’s women’s skeet shooting vests are available in the same color in men’s which makes them perfect for team shooting.

The Beretta women’s shooting vest line has some of the sharpest looking vests available. The Beretta Women’s Silver Pigeon EVO Vest is an ambidextrous shooting vest that comes in three different colors. It has two internal pockets for recoil pads (sold separately), a breathable mesh back, and double front bellowed pockets. The Navy/Red and Green EVO Beretta ladies vests are also available in Beretta’s men’s vests which makes them great for teams also.