Finally, an variety of women’s shooting vests that are actually built for women. We look for women’s shooting vests that are not only made for women but that are functional and performance oriented. The three manufacturers that we feel do that the best are Browning, Beretta, Syren, a division of Caesar Guerini. Our criteria for women’s shooting vests are simple.

 Syren is a top of the line shooting vest made by Caesar Guerini. They are known for specializing in women’s firearms and as such they have created a vest solely designed for women and not just a cut down men’s model. The cotton and polyester mesh fabrics are sure to keep you cool in warm weather. The shooting pad and shell pockets are made from real suede leather and give this vest a very classy look. The back waist band is designed to keep the weight of your shells off your shoulders to maintain fluid motion throughout the course. The best part about the Syren line is that it is available in two different colors and comes in both a left-handed shooting vest as well as right handed.

Browning has been the most consistent manufacturer of quality women’s clay vests and clay shooting accessories. The Browning Sporter II vest for her is one of our best sellers. Available in two colors and ambidextrous pads it is perfect for every shooter. These clay shooting vests for women are made with as much mesh as possible.  This vest is perfect for hot weather or layering for cold weather. Both shoulder pads are fitted with a sewn in pocket for the Browning REACTOR pad as are all Browning vests. The new Browning Ace Shooting Vest is a light weight and durable women’s trap vest. Designed with teams in mind they are incredibly well thought out and made to fit nearly everyone. The hull  pouch in the back is a great touch for those that reload.

The Beretta women’s shooting vest line are some of the sharpest looking vests available. The Beretta Women’s DT11 Shooting vest is available in red and blue and is sure to make some heads turn. With an ample amount of mesh this vest is sure to please. The vest is ambidextrous with eco-suede shooting patches with pockets built in for the Beretta Gel-Tec Recoil Reducing Pads if you desire. The Beretta Women’s Uniform Pro Shooting vest is another very popular vest that matches the men’s version making it perfect for teams. Looking for a great Womens Shooting Vest, check this one out!