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Whether you are looking for a ladies shooting jacket, women's sporting clays sweater, or just a casual Browning hoodie we have what you need.

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    Bob Allen Insert-A-Pad

    The Bob Allen Insert-A-Pad is a high density neoprene shooting pad that can be placed inside a recoil pad pocket or pinned on to any piece of clothing to help absorb recoil during shooting.    Color: Black High-density neoprene shooting...

  • NICA Women's Design8 Shooting Jacket NICA Women's Design8 Shooting Jacket-Back NICA Women's Design8 Shooting Jacket-Interior NICA Women's Design8 Shooting Jacket-pocket NICA Women's Design8 Shooting Jacket-shoulder

    Nica Design8 Women's Shooting Jacket

                As a woman owned business, NICASHOOTING knows how hard it is to find a true women's cold weather shooting jacket. So, we designed our own combining the best of the best into one performance oriented jacket. Then...

  • Browning Reactar G3 Recoil Pad

    Browning Reactar G3 Recoil Pad

    Real recoil reduction. Recoil is recoil. And for some of us, less is better. Today's advanced Browning REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad is a step forward in comfort. The Techogel® material is formulated to absorb significant recoil as the butt plate or pad...

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    Beretta Women's Honor Windstop Sweater Beretta Women's Honor Windstop Sweater-Back

    Beretta Women's Honor Windstop Sweater

                The Beretta Women's Honor Wind stop Sweater is made to keep her out in the field or range even when the temperature drops. The full-zip sweater features a windproof BWR-Beretta Wind Resistant membrane bonded to...

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    Now: $144.99
  • Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket-back Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket-interior Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket-zipper

    Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket

                The Beretta Women's Daybreak Field Jacket will serve the active woman from the field to town, looking great the whole time. The cotton/polyester blend jacket is soft to the touch while still being durable and...

  • ShockEater Recoil Pad ShockEater Recoil Pad Shockeater Recoil Pad

    Shockeater Recoil Pad

    The Shock-Eater Recoil Pad is made with revolutionary Nano-Poly technology for maximum recoil absorption. It is ultra-thin and lightweight, only 8mm thick and 1.4 OZ. The flexible design conforms to the shoulder improving pitch and toe angles...

6 of 6 Items